Voted “House of the Week” by the Los Angeles Times!

This was quite a week. My most recent restoration of an amazing storybook cottage in Toluca Lake, CA. was chosen by the LA TIMES as the “House of the Week” and will be featured in the September 12 HOME SECTION. Quite an honor (sorry about the bragging) because hundreds of homes are submitted. The house is pretty terrific and the end result has really blown people away. The reactions from people who have walked the house have been “Oh my God, I have never seen a house like this!” to the lady who cried because “This house makes me feel so happy!”  to the couple who stood dumbfounded trying to grasp how they could be standing inside what they called a “Three dimensional piece of art that you walk through!”

The key to the success of the restoration is in finding the most minor details of the original house and carrying that detail into the restored and new addition so that the old and new blend seamlessly. My target is always to make the visitor unaware of what was there before and what is new. By working to make it seamless, by carrying the most minor detail throughout, by micro managing even the most mundane of elements….it can be achieved. But, there’s always the intangible factor of art and aesthetics. And, it’s hard to explain good art. It sorta just “is.” (Oops! Did I promise no bragging? Sorry.)