Valley Spring Lane, Toluca Lake, CA.

In a yearlong, top-to-bottom-renovation, Michael Walker re-imagined this ramshackle Toluca Lake house in a way no one could imagine. On the same prestigious street Frank Sinatra called home, Michael transformed this neighborhood eyesore into a two-story, 5,300 square-foot stately Cape Cod. The new owners and the neighbors are both smiling.

Ethel Avenue, Studio City, CA.

Under-budget. Overjoyed.

With 25 years in the design and remodeling business, Michael Walker says: “This Studio City transformation is remarkable even to me.” He took this absolutely run-down, uninhabitable 1,300 square-foot wreck of a house and turned into a 2,800 square-foot, three bedroom Cape Cod cottage with a deck and a pool. Recycling as much material as possible, he came in under budget and exceeded expectations.

Bloomfield Street, Toluca Lake, CA. 1928 or 2010?

The challenge of this project was to build a 4,000 square-foot authentic California 1920’s style Spanish style house where an 800 square-foot cracker box once stood. After demolition, Michael painstakingly crafted a house so true to the genre that buyers argued with him saying it was “impossible that a house with such character and history was brand new!” It was the ultimate compliment. Email Michael

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