And now, a word from our clients.

Michael remodeled my old, antique, cramped kitchen from 1926 and made it into a state of the art, spacious and beautiful one. With French doors, new windows, gorgeous cabinets, marble he handpicked, and a floor plan that let in so much light. Now it’s our favorite room. I dare say I’m a much better cook too since I have top of the line appliances now and love to use them.

Andrea and Simon Wackley

Glendale, CA

It has been an honor to work with, and know, Michael Walker. He has exquisite taste, vast experience (having built some of the most beautiful and marketable properties I ever have represented), and a true business aptitude. Having said that, what makes Michael stand apart from his competition is his strength in character and unfaltering integrity—always available, dependable, and honest. It is his rare combination of skills, commitment and character that make Michael the first and only builder/contractor that I recommend to clients.

Andrea Korcheck, Realtor

Sotheby’s International

I first met Michael Walker in 1994. At the time he had completed scores of homes that he had renovated and re-sold. He informed me of his intention to get back into the restoration business, as he so much enjoyed the process and the art of improving and enhancing homes.

Since then, I have witnessed the process, and can truly say it is like watching an artist at work. Although his planning and detail is extraordinary, he is also able to conceive alternatives to the plan that improve on the concept.

It’s this spirit of art and adventure that drives him, and in the end, when you revisit his projects in the ensuing years, they tend to be even more beautiful than when new.

He is a great listener and he gets what the clients want and need. He has boundless energy and stays in regular communication. I wish all the people I work with could be as easily recommendable as Michael.

Jon Molin, Realtor

Ramsey-Shilling Toluca Lake Ca

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